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There is nothing more discouraging than having the government take a big bite out of a nice profit you just made on a trade. You can't avoid the taxman completely, however there are ways to keep the bite to a nip.

Tax Break Bill Helps Stock Investors
Stock investors can count on tax rates staying the same for at least two years.

How Taxes Affect Your Stock Investments
Investing in stocks has tax consequences. Be sure you know what the tax consequences of investing in stocks will do to your returns.

Getting a Tax Refund? Here How to Invest It�'s HowH ow to Invest It
Use any tax refund to get your personal finances in better shape.

How to Invest a Tax Refund
How you invest a tax refund or any other lump sum depends on your tolerance for risk, but more importantly on when you will need the money.

Better to Pay Taxes than Risk Stock Losses
The stock market is dangerous for investors with short-term goals - it is better to pay capital gains taxes than risk price reversal.

Five Steps to Prepare Stock Portfolio for Next Year
Now is a good time to prepare for next year by making some adjustments to your stock portfolio and overall financial plan.

What Should You Do With a Tax Refund?
The road to prosperity for you and the country is getting through the tremendous burden of too much debt.

Taxes and Investing - What You Need to Know about Taxes and Investing
Taxes on investment gains fall into two categories, long and short term capital gains. Knowing the difference can mean a bigger tax bill if you're not careful.

Stock Investors don't get many Tax Breaks
The majority of investors don't qualify for special tax deductions under current IRS code. To qualify for most deductions, you must trade full-time.

Now Is the Time to Plan for Stock Gains and Losses
Don't wait until the end of the year to plan any moves to minimize taxes on stocks.

Now Is Good Time to Check Stock Holdings
Year-end planning may help you save some tax dollars and prepare your portfolio for the new year.

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