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Active Trading of Stocks

Using margin and buying and selling short and IPOs are some of the more advanced trading strategies. If you thoroughly understand the risks, there are potential profits in these strategies.

What Goes Down Must Come Up – Unless We Are Talking About t…
The stock market always bounces back after a low and falls after a high - right?

What Do Investors Do in Volatile Stock Market?
Volatility in the stock market has changed the risk associated with investing in stocks.

Stagnant Market, Economy End of Buy and Hold Stock Investors?
Is buy and hold stock investing dead? No, but stock investors must understand the danger of stock market volatility.

Contrarian Stock Investors Look Beyond the Crowd
Following the herd may seem safe, but it can sometimes lead you to the edge of a cliff. Think for yourself and be a contrarian.

Is the Next Bull Market “Just Around the Corner?”
What should long-term investors do about sluggish markets? It depends on time frame.

Hedge Funds Explained
Hedge funds seek to make money for investors in any market or economy.

Are Hedge Funds for You?
Hedge funds offer high-risk investments for sophisticated (rich) investors. Most individual stock investors do not qualify.

High Frequency Trading Puts Stock Investors at Disadvantage
High frequency trading initiated and managed by super-fast computers puts individual investors at a disadvantage.

Are Mergers Good for Stockholders?
Are mergers good for stockholders? There is no one answer. Stockholders need to evaluate each deal.

Should You Buy Gold?
Gold is an historic haven in times of economic stress, but you should use caution before buying the precious metal.

Beware When Stock Markets Compare Good News to Bad
The stock market is all about numbers, but you would be wise to put them in context before making a decision.

Protect Yourself with Margin of Error When Buying Stocks
Value investors often protect themselves from miscalculation with a margin of error.

Use a Buy Case to Justify Stock Purchase
A buy case is a simple explanation of why you believe this stock would be a good addition to your portfolio. It includes research to back up your conclusion.

How Do You Spot a Stock Market Bubble?
Something always fuels a stock market bubble. Spot the fuel and you may have an idea when to expect a pop.

Avoid Risky Stock Investments to Boost Performance
Taking extra risks to boost stock investing performance is not a good idea.

Control Your Level of Risk in Stocks
Investing carries a level of risk, but stock investors can control the amount of risk.

It May Be More Risky to Not Be Invested
Investors should be concerned with the consequences of risk. Sometimes, it is more risky to not invest.

Level II Quotes Capture Stock Prices
Level II quotes provide stock traders and investors with information on prices and price trends.

What Happens to Stocks During Recession?
Recessions are brutal for most stocks. Investors have few good choices.

The Stock Market is Always Right
The stock market's price for an asset is always right because it represents what a willing buyer and willing seller agree upon.

Naked Short Selling - Don't Try this at Home
Naked short selling is a risky trading strategy that profits when a stock's share price falls. Leverage creates the opportunities for big gains and the risk of big losses.

Consider Stocks as Guard Against Inflation
Consider shifting money out of bonds and into stocks if you are concerned about the effect of inflation on your portfolio.

Adjust Risk Premium for Stocks to Market Conditions
The risk premium investors expect from stocks may need adjusting during turbulent market conditions.

How to Identify the Bottom of the Stock Market
Trying to time the bottom of the stock market is a losing game. The better strategy is to stay invested and catch the upturn profits when they happen.

Picking Stocks with Competitive Advantage
Picking great stocks for long-term investments is about picking great companies that will continue to be great.

Don't Let Emotions Get in Way of Investing Success - Stop Emotions from...
Emotions play an influential role in investing success. Watch them closely or they'll derail your investing strategy.

Market Cycles Create Stock-Buying Opportunities
The stock market rotates through predictable cycles. Some of the cycles can be difficult on investors, but they also create bargains.

Selling in Down Market Hurts Two Ways
If you can avoid it, don't sell during when the market is down. You'll get a bad price and generate extra trading expenses.

Don't Follow Panicked Stock Investors over a Cliff
When a trouble economy has investors dumping stocks, don't follow the herd over a cliff.

Investing in Chinese Stocks Becoming Easier
Foreign stocks, including Chinese companies, are becoming increasingly available through listings on U.S. exchanges.

Stock Market's PE Helpful Gauge
The stock market's PE is helpful in understanding the significance of major declines and advances.

It's never Different this Time in Stock Market
If you think things are different this time, you are kidding yourself. The basic forces that drive the stock market remain the same.

Too much Money in Stock Market?
When everyone is buying stocks, it may be a sign that the market is over-bought and about to correct itself.

Beware of Triple (Quadruple) Witching Hour
Four times a year, four speculative derivatives expire on the same Friday and the chaos of traders covering their positions can make the market crazy.

How to Spot Stock Market Trends
The stock market is driven by obvious forces of supply and demand. You can watch those forces drive the market and see which where the market is headed.

Utility Stocks Offer Refuge in Troubled Economy
Utility stocks are good candidates for investors who want current income and a place to ride out a shaky economy.

Stocks that Go Up May Stay Up or Not
Just because a stock moves up or down doesn't mean it is fixed on that course forever.

Can there be a Good Deficit for Stock Investors?
Is there such a thing as a "good" deficit for stock investors or are all deficits bad because they raise interest rates?

Ride Out the Market - It's the Better Move
In most cases, you are better off not trying to time the down turns and recoveries of the stock market.

Keep your Stock Portfolio Balanced
In an up or down market it is easy for your portfolio to get out of balance. Watch out for these danger signs and take steps to correct the imbalance.

Add Some Giant Stocks to Your Portfolio - Mega - Cap Stocks
Mega-cap stocks may provide you a measure of stability when inflation and interest rates start going up.

Why Buying Winning Stocks Makes More Sense than Buying Losing Stocks
It makes good sense to look at the list of stocks closing at their 52-week high for investing ideas.

When to Buy Over-Priced Stock - Why it is Better to Buy a Growing Stock
Don't fall for the trap that it is never good to buy an "over-priced" stock, when a "cheaper" stock is available.

Don't Let Stock Screen Cloud Your Judgement - Stock Screens are Just Tools
Stock screens are handy tools, but they can be misused and misrepresented if you're not careful.

Discounted Stocks - Down Market is Great Time to Buy Discounted Stocks
When the market is depressed you might consider a shopping spree for discounted stocks.

Averaging Down - Is Averaging Down a Good Idea?
Averaging down is a way to lower the average cost of a stock holding. It can also be a way to throw good money after bad.

The Next Big Thing in Stocks
Apple, Google, and Microsoft share a distinction of having the "next big thing."

Earnings Estimates - Why Earnings Estimates are Important to Stock Prices
You can't know the future, but stock prices are based in large part on the anticipation of future earnings. This is where earnings estimates come in handy.

Watch Expenses to Avoid Killing Investing Profits - Stock Investing Hurt by...
Expenses, including broker fees and taxes, will eat up big chunks of your profits from investing in stocks.

Investing in Market Leaders - Stocks that are Market Leaders
Investing in companies that dominate their industry is a good, long-term stock investment strategy.

Margin Trading - Using Margin to Leverage your Profits or Losses
Margin trading is a way to magnify your buying power by borrowing money from your broker for up to 50% of a stock purchase.

Profit from Insider Trading - How Legal Insider Trading can Help You
What corporate insiders do with their shares can help you become a better investor if you know what to look for.

Understanding REITs - Consider Real Estate Investment Trusts for Your Portfolio
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a special form of security that allows individuals to invest in large commercial real estate projects with the ease of buying stock.

Selling Short - Understanding Risks of Selling Short
Selling short involves selling stock you don't own that you believe is about to drop in price. If you are right, there are good profits, however, your loses can be staggering if wrong.

Understanding Options - Basic Facts about Options Trading
Options provide another way to profit from movement in the stock market, but they are not for beginning investors.

Small Cap Stocks can Pop - Are Small Cap Stocks for You?
Small cap stocks offer the potential for rapid growth, but come with a high degree of risk.

Trading Stock Options - Beginners Should Use Caution in Trading Stock Options
Trading stock options is not for beginners, but it can enhance your investing.

Weak Dollar - What Does a Weak Dollar Mean to Investors
The U.S. dollar is near all-time record lows against major foreign currencies - what does this mean for investors and consumers?

Understanding IPOs
IPOs or initial public offerings are how companies offer stock for sale to the public the first time. Often the subject of wild speculation and excitement, IPOs can be a very profitable buy or a disaster.

What Are Stock Warrants?
Stock warrants give the holder the right to buy shares of a stock at a fixed price during a fixed period. They are very similar to stock options.

Supply and Demand Will Keep Oil Stocks Golden
Continued and growing demand for energy will keep oil companies' profits high.

Initial Public Offerings May Disappoint
IPOs are very sexy, however they often fail to live up to their press.

How Important Is a Company's Leader to Stock Price?
What impact on a company's stock price does the departure of a strong leader have? Investors must assess change.

What's a Rational Investor in the Stock Market to Do?
Volatile markets make good headlines, but a rational investor sees beyond the clamor.

Dealing with Global Risks in the Stock Market
Changes in the global economy can impact U.S. investors. Here's how to protect yourself.

IPOs May Not Be Best Idea for Long-Term Stock Investors
Jumping on early trading of an IPO can lead to disappointment if the initial price bubble bursts.

Using Limit Orders When Buying or Selling Stocks
You should use some form of limit orders when buying or selling stock. These will give you some control over the price you pay or receive when the order is executed.

When to Use Market Order to Buy or Sell Stock
Market orders are OK in an emergency and when the price is stable, but be careful using them when the market is volatile.

Have a Plan to Avoid Stock Market Roller Coaster Mistakes
Don't be caught with no plan when the stock market goes crazy (and it will). If you have a plan for your investments, you will know what to do.

Moving Averages Help Investors in the Stock Market Spot Trends
Moving averages can help investors spot trends by reducing the noise of daily trading.

Consider Exchange Traded Funds for Alternative to Stocks or Mutual Funds
Exchange traded funds are a popular alternative to index mutual funds, but have some draw backs.

Exchange Traded Funds Cover Many Parts of Stock and Bond Markets
Exchange traded funds give investors in the stock market another tool to cover all or parts of the stock and bond markets.

Select the Right ETF for Your Stock Market Investments
Exchange traded funds provide investors in the stock market with another tool for profits.

Some Other Tools for Investors in the Stock Market
Investors in the stock market should consider all the investment tools available to them, including closed end funds and unit investment trusts.

Three Keys to Successful Investing in the Stock Market
There are three steps to successful investing in the stock market.

IPOs: The Stock Market Lottery
IPOs may be exciting, but most investors never have a chance to get in at best price.

Do Investors in the Stock Market Get an Even Break with IPOs?
Retail investors usually don't do well when investing in IPOs.

Unwise to Extrapolate Short-Term Trends in Stock Market
The stock market is not the place to make assumptions about the long term by looking at the short term.

Stock Market Looks to Future, But It's Uncertain
Is buy and hold investing dead? No, but a sluggish economy makes it challenging.

When Stock Returns Are Uncertain, Keep Closer Eye on Expenses
Watch investing expenses and keep more of your profits.

Investors in Stock Market Attracted to Options Trading - Danger
Some investors in the stock market seek out exotic ways to boost their returns. Options trading is often seen as a solution, but it is usually not.

Re-Balance Portfolio after Big Move
Finding the right asset allocation is a process, not a one time event.

Stock Prices Respond to these Influences
Knowing what the key influences are to stock prices will help you make buy or sell decisions.

Expiring Options Trigger Triple Witching, Quadruple Witching
On four Fridays every year, the market can react to triple or quadruple witching hour in unexpected ways.

Short Selling Stocks Risky
Short selling is a risky way to attempt to make money on falling stock prices.

Investing in Stock Market Added Challenges
Investing in the stock market is challenging enough, but sophisticated financial products can increase risk.

Investors in Stock Market Have Options
Options can be a useful tool for long-term investors, however they require considerable study to understand and use correctly.

Is It Possible to Make a Living Trading Stocks?

Trading Options Using Technical Analysis: Book Review
A new book on trading options also provides important insights into trading and investing in stocks as well.

The Basics of Short Selling
You don't have to understand the complexities of short selling in order to use it to your advantage in the stock market.

From Ballroom Dancer to Stock Market Millionaire
Sometimes you have to be an outsider in order to innovate and Nicolas Darvas was an unlikely innovator in the stock market how made millions.

5 Strategies to Improve Your Investing and Trading Success
These 5 risk based strategies can help improve your overall investing and trading performance in the stock market.

What is a Prop Shop?
There are pros and cons about using a prop shop and it is important to know what distinguishes it from a traditional broker dealer.

Intro to Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels
My support and resistance matter in technical analysis of the stock market.

Intro to Technical Analysis - Indicators
Some technical analysis indicators are best for trending markets and some for range bound ones.

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