1. Money

What Makes the Market Rise and Fall

What makes the market rise or fall? Sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own that reacts poorly to good news and with enthusiasm to bad news. Learn what factors are the major influences on the markets and how you can use this information.

Easy Tool for Stock Investors to Follow Economic Indicators
This easy tool will help you follow the announcements for important economic indicators, some of which can move the stock market.

Stock Market Expectations Can Be Traps
The stock market may seem unpredictable, however that's no excuse for expecting it to always continue in the same direction.

Beware of Companies That Game the System
Some companies attempt to boost their stock prices by advising the investment community that earnings will be less than they really are.

What Moves the Market
Major economic and political factors shape the market, but most of all the market hate uncertainty.

Keep Eye on Interest Rates to Protect your Portfolio
Interest rates and trends are critically important to stock investors.

You will Get Burned Following Hot Stock Tip
Investors should be concerned with false information designed to influence stock prices. This manipulation is unethical and may be illegal.

Earnings Season - Understanding Earnings Season
Earnings season is that time when a large number of companies report quarterly earnings to the public.

Beating Earnings Estimates - Why Beating Earnings Estimates is Important
Meeting or beating earnings estimates is rewarded in the market, but watch out if a stock falls short.

Understanding the CPI
The Consumer Price Index is the most important economic indicator a stock investor should follow.

What does Inverted Yield Curve Mean for Stock Investors?
Does the inverted yield curve forecast a coming recession and what should stock investors do about it?

Forget Old Saying and Invest on Fundamentals
Old sayings contain a particle of truth, but you are better off investing on fundamentals than some cliche that's only right part of the time.

It's Not Your Father's Stock Market Anymore
Thanks to globalization and super-fast trading platforms, stock investors are more challenged than ever before.

Changes in Interest Rates Important to Stock Investors
Interest rate changes, whether up or down, can affect stock prices. Investors should be prepared.

Stock Market Today Represents Anticipated Future
The stock market anticipates the affect of current economic and political conditions on future corporate profits.

Technical Analysis: Your Advantage in the Stock Market
If you are not using technical analysis in your investing or trading you are missing a vital tool to help you achieve the best performance possible.

The Apple Stock Split is just Smoke and Mirrors
To avoid turning into your grandparents' tired old stock, Apple needs more innovative products, not financial shenanigans.

Is Summer The Season For Stocks?
Exploring the famous Wall Street saying, "sell in May and go away," and decoding the reason that this might actually be good investment advice.

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