1. Money

Major Stock Exchanges

Each of the major stock exchanges operates independently, yet all accomplish the same task: the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, and other securities.

The NASDAQ Stock Market
The NASDAQ is the home of some of the hottest tech stocks on the market and place where many young companies get their start.

NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange is the most prestigious of all the stock markets. Their website will give you a feel for all that this power house means to the financial world.

American Stock Exchange
The American Stock Exchange has suffered from a lack of attention compared to the bigger and better known NYSE and NASDAQ, however it is a large exchange in its on right and home of some innovative products.

CME Group (formerly Chicago Board of Trade)
The Chicago Board of Trade handles commodities futures and options. Although it doesn't make a market in individual shares of stock, the CBOT is an important part of our economy. The CBOT has merged with CME Group and on longer exists as an independent organization.

Chicago Stock Exchange
The Chicage Stock Exchange is another regional exchange.

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