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Investing in Retirement

Learn about investing just before and during your retirement years. What should you expect, what are your goals and where does risk enter?

Investing in and for Retirement
How you fund and maintain your retirement plan is one of the most important investing in the stock market decisions you'll make.

Tough Choices for Stock Investors Facing Retirement
Finding the right mix of stocks to other assets is especially tricky for those near or in retirement.

What to Do If You Lose Your 401(k) Match
A tough economy may force your employer to reduce or eliminate its match of your retirement plan contribution. Here's what you should do.

Can Your 401(k) Be Resurrected?
Whether you will be able to renew your 401(k) account may depend more on your age than any other factor.

The Longevity Risk Threatens Your Retirement - Don't be too Conservative ...
Following a too conservative investment strategy in retirement may not protect you from outliving your money.

Time to Re-Think Role of Stocks in Retirement
Conventional wisdom is to lower your percentage of stocks and increase bonds as you approached retirement. With people living longer and the possibility of inflation, that may not be the best strategy.

Don't be too Conservative with Stocks in Retirement
There is a danger you can be too conservative in your investment strategy as you approach retirement - don't back off stocks too soon.

Don't Count on Stocks for Short-Term Goals
Stocks are not appropriate for the short term because they can be volatile.

Power of Compounding Can Be Trap for Long-Term Stock Investor
Compounding is a powerful force for building wealth, however don't fall into the trap of faulty assumptions.

Stock Investors Should Plan for Retirement Withdrawals
When it's time to switch from contributions to withdrawals from your retirement funds, look for the most tax-efficient method.

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?
Planning for retirement requires making many assumptions. How will you know if the ones you make are correct?

Stock Investing for Retirement: Plan for Lower Returns
Investing for your retirement becomes more challenging all the time. Here's some cautions to consider.

How Much Will You Need to Retire: Will You Outlive Your Money?
Planning for retirement is challenging at best and may seem impossible at worst. However, now is the time to begin the process regardless of your age.

How Much Will You Need to Retire: Beating Inflation
Inflation is the worst enemy of retirement planning. A spike inflation can destroy your plans unless you are prepared.

How Much Will You Need to Retire: It Costs More
It is dangerous to under-estimate your expenses in retirement or to over-estimate your investing returns. How do you plan for these problems?

It's Never too Early or too Late to Start Investing for Retirement
Investing for your retirement should be a priority regardless of your age.

Do You Need Annuities in Your Retirement Plan?
Annuities offer investors options for funding their retirement that other investments don't.

Annuities as Alternative Retirement Savings Vehicles
Some stock investors use annuities to supplement retirement plans.

Annuities Offer Flexible Payout Options for Retirement Planning
Annuities offer a number of flexible payout options that make them valuable for retirement planning.

Investing in the Stock Market: The Most Important Rule
Don't blame the stock market if you lose a big chunk of your retirement fund in down-turn. Protect yourself by following this rule.

Even Investing in the Stock Market Correctly No Guarantee of Success
Events in the stock market and or economy can derail the best retirement plans. Be prepared to make adjustments.

Investing in Stock Market for Retirement More Challenging than Ever
Investors in the stock market who are planning for retirement must be concerned with outliving their money.

Investors Planning for Retirement Can't Ignore Inflation
If inflation is high, you may find your plan for retirement seriously compromised.

Investing for Retirement: It Will Cost More Then You Plan On
Most people under-estimate how much their retirement will cost.

Keep Funding Majore Investing Goals
It may be difficult to impossible to know how much you will need for retirement, but that shouldn't stop you from setting investment goals.

Slow Down When Investing Near Retirement
Although it is a strained analogy, investing is like driving a car when in comes to judging speed.

Palladium is the Metal to Watch Right Now
Look beyond the traditional precious metals like gold and silver and you might find another (and better) option to invest in.

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