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Where you get market news is important because it may influence your investment decisions. Some market news sources are more reliable than others.
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The Stock Market Is Not the Economy
The stock market is not the economy, but to hear some tell the news, they are the same.

Inflation and Stocks - How Inflation Effects your Stock Investments
Inflation has reared its ugly head - what does this mean for your stock investments?

Strong Dollar or Weak Dollar - Which Is Best?
The value of the U.S. dollar plays an important role in our economy and for stock investors. Which is best, a strong dollar or a weak dollar?

Stagflation in Dangerous for Stocks
Stagflation is when the economy is not growing, but inflation rates are high - usually two conditions that don't exist at the same time. It is a dangerous economic crisis.

Good News - Bad News for Stocks
Good news for consumers and workers may not be good news for the economy or businesses.

Manufacturing Indicators - What You Need to Know
Business Inventories, Industrial Production, Capacity Utilization are three important indicators of manufacturing health. They are important to investors who want to follow the business cycle.

Consumer Price Index - What the CPI Tells You About Inflation
The Consumer Price Index is the leading indicator of inflation and one of the most important indicators for investors. A rising CPI may signal rising inflation and trigger interest rate increases.

Retail Sales - Why retail sales are important to our economy
Retail sales are an important part of our economy and are watched by the market as an important economic indicator.

Holiday Shopping - Why Holiday Shopping is Important to the Market
The holiday shopping season is important because two-thirds of our economy depends on consumer spending.

Stock Market Moves Higher and Housing Boom Nears Explosion in 2006
The year 2006 marked the beginning of the end for the housing boom, although almost no one saw the obvious signs pointing to an unsustainable boom.

Stock Market, Economy Suffer Major Losses is 2008
The stock market and economy suffered major losses during 2008.

Stock Market Finally Finds a Bottom in 2009
The stock market finally found a bottom putting a halt to the most serious market decline in 80 years.

What You Should Know about the Consumer Confidence Index
The Consumer Confidence Index is one of the two most important measures of future consumer spending expectations.

Housing Market and Credit Crisis Push U.S. to Collapse in 2007
It was a year of highs and lows, but 2007 really set the stage for the near collapse of the financial system.

What Does 2010 Hold for Stock Market and Economy?
What will the stock market and economy do in 2010? Several important indicators may tell us.

Attacks, Scandal Rock Stock Markets in 2001
Terrorists' attacks, the on-going dot.com collapse and Wall Street scandal rocked the markets in 2001.

Stock Indexes Dull in 2004, But Gasoline Tops $2 per Gallon
Gasoline sold in excess of $2 per gallon, but the worse was yet to come.

Dot.com Collapse Heads Stories from 2000
The popping of the dot.com bubble signaled the end to a period of wild speculation. Did we learn anything?

Stock Market in 2003 Sets Stage for Later Crisis
Low interest rates helped set the stage for future financial crisis.

China's Influence in the Global Economy Grows in 2005
The growing importance of China as a force in the global economy was one of the more important highlights of 2005 market news.

Deep Bear Market Begins to Turn in 2002
The stock market halted its deep slide into bear territory and survived more accounting scandals in 2002.

Economic Risks Haunt Investors in the Stock Market
Investors in the stock market must deals with several types of risk. The risk that changes in the economy could hurt their portfolio is ever present.

Stock Market Schedule for 2013
The stock market follows a regular holiday schedule. Here is the one of 2013.

Tuning Out Financial Television

The Apple Stock Split is just Smoke and Mirrors
To avoid turning into your grandparents' tired old stock, Apple needs more innovative products, not financial shenanigans.

The Origins of Wall Street and the Stock Market
The people and events behind the creation of the New York Stock Exchange.

Interview: Josh Brown The Reformed Broker
A new book by Josh Brown aka The Reformed Broker give a unique insight into the history of financial punditry and its current state.

The 5 Best Online Brokers of 2014
Millions of marketing dollars are thrown towards winning your investing business, but here at the top 5 online brokers of 2014.

What's Not Woking so Far in 2014
Even in one of the biggest bull markets in history, there are still things that refuse to go up. Keep an eye on them so you know what to avoid.

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