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Investing Strategies

What strategy will you use as an investor? Learn about different investment strategies and how to develop your own personal investment strategy.

Stock Investors Nervous Around Earnings Season
Four times per year, companies report quarterly earnings. These reports can drive prices up or down and create uncertainty for stock investors.

Investing with Expectations of High Returns is not Investing but Gambling
Don't try to double or triple your money quickly in the stock market - you'll be disappointed and perhaps poorer.

Preparing for a Big Stock Market Move
We know the stock market can and will make big moves up or down. You need a plan before this happens.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans - Be Careful with Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Employee Stock Purchase Plans can be a great benefit, but be careful that you don't fall into the Enron trap.

Dogs of the Dow
Dogs of the Dow is a mechanical investing technique that takes the research and effort out of investing. The whole process takes about one hour per year, yet the results often beat the S&P500.

Diversify Your Stocks to Avoid Losses - Noncorrelation is Your Goal
Diversify your stocks by industry to avoid across-the-board losses on bad economic news. Your investments should not be correlated to achieve diversity.

Never Buy a "Great Stock"
Well-meaning friends may want you to buy their great stock, but buyer beware.

Trading Stocks After Hours is Risky
After-hours trading of stocks may seem like a great idea, but it is full of risks for the average investor.

Warren Buffett - What can Warren Buffett Teach Investors?
The second edition of "The Warren Buffett Way" offers insights into how we can become better investors.

Investing Philosophies
Developing an investing philosophy will help you focus your investing in areas that work toward building a coherent portfolio.

Growth and Value Stocks Defined - How Growth and Value Stocks Differ
Growth and value are two ways to define stocks. Each has specific characteristics that can guide you in stock selection.

Value Investing - Understanding Value Investing
Value investing is about finding stocks overlooked by the market, but that are fundamentally sound with good growth prospects.

Filter Out Outrageous Stock Market Noise
During market turmoil, there is no shortage of verbal noise passing as wisdom.

The Coming Generational War
Thanks to the financial crisis, fewer people are retiring and creating new job opportunities for young people.

Are You at Extreme Risk in the Stock Market?
The stock market is risky, however some investors are more at risk than others are.

Stock Investors: No Pain, No Gain?
The stock market can be (is) risky. How to protect your assets.

Use Insiders' Stock Trades as Guide
Watch the trading of company insiders for clues about where they believe the stock's price is headed.

Diversifying Your Stock Portfolio Means More Than You Think
Diversifying your stock portfolio helps reduce your risk.

It's a Brave, New Media World - Look for Stocks that Can Grow
Media companies that recognize how consumers are changing the way they find and experience media will survive and prosper. Those companies that don't will likely fail.

The Only Prices That Matter to Stock Investors
You can control when you buy a stock, however circumstances may force a sale at a poor time. Always have a Plan B.

What Should Investors Do in Volatile Stock Market?
Stock market volatility can make investing decisions difficult. Consider three important factors in your decision

The Basics of Risk and Reward in Stock Investing
Stock market investing is about understanding risk and the potential reward.

How to Know When You Are Ready to Invest in Stocks
How do you know when you are ready to invest in stocks?

Stocks or Mutual Funds? Some of Each
Smart investors often find they need both stocks and mutual funds to accomplish their goals.

You Can't Get Ahead in the Stock Market With High-Interest Debt
The stock market is no place for an investor carrying a lot of high-interest credit card debt. Pay off those high-interest debts before investing in the stock market.

Stock Market Boom-Bust Cycle and How to Prepare for the Next One
Are stock market boom-bust cycles inevitable? How should investor prepare for the next roller coaster ride?

Which Companies Will Bounce Back Following Downturn?
When the economy and market turn upward, it may be difficult to spot companies in the best position to excel. Look for a strong cash position and little debt as keys to possible success.

When and How to Sell a Winning Stock
Knowing when and how to sell a winning stock is as important as knowing when to sell a losing stock.

Don't Believe Buy and Hold Investing Is Dead
Buy and hold investing has been pronounced dead by some in the financial press. Don't believe it.

Are You a Tactical or Strategical Stock Investor?
Investing in individual stocks requires both a strategic and tactical approach.

Opportunities in Adversity for Stock Investors
Recession and a bear market may create opportunities for companies that can solve problems for consumers or other businesses.

Time to Buy Stocks?
Businesses and consumers have been putting off purchases. When the economy begins coming back, this pent-up demand will create real opportunities.

Bonds Add Balance in Falling Stock Market
While it is tempting to chase stocks when the market is rising, the prudent investor understands stocks can fall faster than the rise. Maintaining the proper balance between stocks and bonds can help you weather a falling market.

The One Factor Stock Investors Can Control
Individual investors have little control over what happens in the market, but they can prepare their portfolios for any market direction.

Long-Term Investing Becoming Shorter in Global Economy
The global economy is changing the way long-term investors look at their holdings. The "buy it and forget it" strategy has never been very wise and is now bordering on dangerous.

Bottom-Up Investors Pick Stocks on Fundamentals
Bottom-up investors focus on strong companies and believe they will perform well in any market conditions.

Top Down Stock Investing Thinks Big
Top-down investing looks at big picture before narrowing in on individual stocks.

Computer Models as Stock Pickers
Computer models that crunch numbers to pick stocks work well, but they are not perfect.

Let Go of Old Stock Investing Strategies
Just because a stock investing strategy worked in the past doesn't mean it will work forever.

Stock Investors Must Ask about Tomorrow?
Investors must be concerned with what a stock will do in the future, since that's all that matters in terms of growth.

Consider Some Domestic Stocks Foreign Investments
When looking for foreign stocks, you may not have to go very far. Many giant domestic companies derive a significant percentage of their sales from overseas markets.

Find Stock Investing Stratgey that Works for You
Whether your stock investing strategy is complicated or simple, make sure it is yours.

Let your Dreams Motivate your Investing
Let your dreams of how you will use the fruits of your investments motivate your stock investing habits.

Watch Out for too Much Debt
It's easy to borrow money to fund expansion, however be careful of how much companies borrow because a market reversal could be a disaster.

What do Value Investors Look for in Stocks?
Value investors look for companies trading below their intrinsic value.

Choose Fundamentals over Management when Making Stock Investment Decisions
Management is important, but when considering a stock for investing look at the company's fundamentals first.

Stocks Offer Opportunity in Long Term - Stocks Risky in the Short Term
Stocks offer the best opportunity to build a solid nest egg over the long term, but watch out if you try to use them to play catchup.

Dollar Cost Averaging - A Powerful Tool
Dollar cost averaging is a powerful tool individual investors can use to lower their costs in a long term investment.

Investment Objectives Define Financial Products, Strategies
Four main investment objectives define how you choose financial products for your portfolio.

Stock Prices and Value are not the Same Thing - Keep Your Eye on Stock's Value
Daily chatter about stock prices is mostly just noise - focus on a company's value for long-term investing success.

Market Timing - Why Market Timing is Dangerous
Market timing is a strategy that attempts to predict future market movements using fundamental and technical analysis.

Know When You are Going to Sell a Stock Before You Buy It
Emotions can cloud your judgement so have your exit strategy in place before you buy a stock.

Investors Challenged by Rising Interest Rates - Where Do You Turn?
Where do investors turn in a market of rising interest rates?

Investing in Foreign Stocks - Should You Own Foreign Stocks
Foreign stocks represent an investing opportunity outside the U.S. economy, but you can buy them on our markets through ADRs.

Investing for the Long Term
Investing for the long term will let you ride out the unavoidable ups and downs of the market. Research shows you are better off staying in the market for the long term rather than jumping in and out.

Introduction to Asset Allocation
Asset allocation is one of the most important strategies that an investor can use to reach his or her goals.

Portfolio Rebalancing - Why You Need to Rebalance Your Portfolio after a ...
Rebalancing your portfolio is an important maintenance function that will keep your investing program on track and true to your goals.

How Many Stocks Should You Own
How many stocks should you own to have a diversified portfolio? There are no absolute rules, but here are some guidelines.

Stock Investors: The Safe Haven Trap
The flight to safety - from stocks to bonds - may be a trap for some investors.

What Stock Investors Have to Worry About in the Near Future
Finding Answers in the Short-Term Can Be Frightening

Stock Choices That May Prosper on Obesity Epidemic
Solving problems is another word for opportunity in the stock market. One of the biggest problems facing the U.S. is obesity. Find companies that provide solutions and you will find a good stock.

Protecting Your Profits in Stock Investing
One of the hardest decisions stock investors make is deciding when to sell.

The Manual Method of Protecting Stock Profits
Some stock investor prefer the hands-on approach. This strategy will help you protect your stock profits.

Planning When You Don't Know What the Stock Market Is Going to Do
How do you plan for the unknown? Stock market investors should look at the long-term where history is on their side.

"Stock Market's Worst Day of the Year" - Yikes, What Do I Do Now?
What's your strategy when the stock market does a swan dive into the toilet? Selling is probably not the answer.

Is Real Estate Investing for You?
Real estate is a hard asset that offers a hedge against inflation and other benefits. However, it is not for everyone.

Look for Bargains in Sharp Stock Market Declines
When the stock market is in a sharp decline, you may want to look for bargains. Fundamentally-sound companies will lead the way out of a down market.

Investors in Stock Market Should Look Home First
Invest in yourself to preserve your ability to generate an income and improve your investments to work harder.

Winning Sectors in the Stock Market
If you want to pick future winners in the stock market, it is helpful to narrow your search. Here are two ideas.

Keep Eye on Tech Stocks for Future Growth
Picking future winners in the stock market is a difficult and challenging task. Here's a good place to start your search.

Asset Allocation for Investing in the Stock Market
Asset allocation is the process of apportioning your capital into a portfolio that is diversified by size, industry segment and style.

Asset Allocation: Stocks as an Asset Class
When choosing stocks for your portfolio, focus on a combination of size, industry segment and style.

The Case for Staying Invested in Stocks
The evidence is clear: staying invested through touch markets is better than hopping in and out.

Health Care Changes Create Opportunities for Stock Investors
With change in health care come opportunities for investors in the stock market.

Investors in Stock Market Seek Assurances of Future Growth
Investors must always be concerned about future growth.

Short-Interest Ratio Good Indicator of Possible Price Change
When other investors believe a stock is about to fall in price, you might want to know that information.

Paper Trading Stocks: Why You Should Avoid It
Paper trading is often thought of as a way to get good at investing without having any risk. But that may actually cost you more money in the end.

Investing in Gold the Smart Way
Investing in gold can be done in a number of different ways, however only one of them makes true financial sense.

Successful Stock Market Investing is Common Sense

A Stock Market Crash Brings Opportunity
When the stock market drops hard you should be looking for stocks that hold up the best because they will be the leaders in the next move up.

Losing Is Your Key to Making Money in Stocks
The key to being successful in the stock market is not about how many trades you make money on, but how much you make and how little you lose.

The Basics of Short Selling
You don't have to understand the complexities of short selling in order to use it to your advantage in the stock market.

From Ballroom Dancer to Stock Market Millionaire
Sometimes you have to be an outsider in order to innovate and Nicolas Darvas was an unlikely innovator in the stock market how made millions.

Your Guide to Stock Orders
It's important to know which type of stock order works best for your investing or trading strategy.

5 Strategies to Improve Your Investing and Trading Success
These 5 risk based strategies can help improve your overall investing and trading performance in the stock market.

Gambling and the Stock Market
Those who compare the stock market to gambling probably have no idea what it takes to make money in either endeavor.

Palladium is the Metal to Watch Right Now
Look beyond the traditional precious metals like gold and silver and you might find another (and better) option to invest in.

Is Summer The Season For Stocks?
Exploring the famous Wall Street saying, "sell in May and go away," and decoding the reason that this might actually be good investment advice.

Intro to Technical Analysis - Risk vs. Reward
The power of technical analysis is unlocked when you combine it with a risk vs. reward based methodology.

Intro to Technical Analysis - The Books
A comprehensive list of some of the best books ever published on the subject of technical analysis of stocks and options.

Into to Technical Analysis - Resources
There are numerous resources available for those who want to about technical analysis and add it to their investing toolbox.

Intro to Technical Analysis - Does it Work?
Understand how the stock market works and you will never question the validity of using technical analysis as a methodology for trading and investing.

What's Not Woking so Far in 2014
Even in one of the biggest bull markets in history, there are still things that refuse to go up. Keep an eye on them so you know what to avoid.

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