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Getting Started Investing in Stocks

Here are the steps you need to take in preparation for investing in stocks.

Three Steps to Better Stock Investing
These three steps will help you get a better start in stock investing.

Step Two in Investing in Stocks: The State of the Economy and the Stock Market
Stock investors always do so in the context of the economy and stock market. Here are some tools to help assess the environment.

Step Three in Investing in Stocks: Identifying Industrial Growth Sectors
Stock sectors provide a helpful context to begin your search for investment candidates.

Watch Out for "Hot Tips" When Buying or Selling Stock
The tip may come from a well-meaning friend or someone you never met, but hot stock tips can be part of manipulation scheme.

Take These Steps Before You Begin Investing in Stocks
Before you begin investing in stocks, you should get your personal financial house in order by attending to these matters.

Your Security and Opening an Online Account to Buy Stocks, Bonds
While requiring detailed personal information may seem intrusive, it is needed to help prevent crime and terrorism.

IPOs Offer Shot at Young Company's First Stock Offering
A stock's initial public offering or IPO can be an opportunity to get in on an exciting new company or it may be an over-priced turkey. Stock investors beware.

Real Rate of Return Tells You How Your Stock Investments Are Doing
If you don't figure in inflation and taxes, you aren't getting a clear picture of your rate of return.

Stocks or Safety? A Difficult Choice
Where will nervous stock investors turn to find returns possible with stocks, but with less risk?

Introduction to Investing in Stocks
You need to ask (and answer) yourself some questions before you begin investing in stocks.

Trading Stocks Is a Losing Game (Mostly)
Individual stock traders are at a serious disadvantage when competing with professional trading firms and funds.

Getting Started with Stock Information News Sources
If you are just getting started in investing in stocks, these news sites will help you understand the markets and financial news.

Finding Money to Invest - How to Find Money in Your Personal Budget for ...
Here's a simple formula for freeing up money for investing out of your personal budget.

What to Do If You Lose Your 401(k) Match
A tough economy may force your employer to reduce or eliminate its match of your retirement plan contribution. Here's what you should do.

What is Best Investment you can Make Today?
It doesn't make sense to invest all of your extra cash, when high-interest debt payments are costing more than most investments earn.

Should You Own Individual Stocks?
Should you own individual stocks or mutual funds? Which investment is better for you? For many investors, the answer is both and this article gives some reasons why.

Can Your 401(k) Be Resurrected?
Whether you will be able to renew your 401(k) account may depend more on your age than any other factor.

Stress Test for Stock Investors
Stock investors face many challenges in troubled economies, not the least of which is a financial disaster such as losing a job.

Mea Culpa - Clearing Up Differences Between Saving and Investing
Investors may be confused about the difference between saving and investing.

Talk to Children About Money, Stock Market Woes
Financial problems can put a strain on families and especially children.

Yahoo! Finance Worth Look for Price Information
Yahoo! Finance is a strong financial Web site that excels in price and index information.

Morningstar a Site for Serious Stock Investors
Serious investors will find Morningstar.com a wealth of stock information.

Reuters Offers Comprehensive Company Information
Reuters is a name rich in international reporting history that brings that same level of coverage to stock news.

CNN Money Top Notch Financial News Site
CNN Money is a top notch financial Web site that covers a wide spectrum of financial news.

Bond Basics - Basic Concepts of Bonds Explained
Bonds are an important part of every investor's portfolio. They provide safety and stability against the fluctuations of stocks.

Women and Investing in Stocks - What Women Need to Know about Investing in ...
Women beginning investing in stocks need to accept five concepts to become successful investors.

Don't Let Love of a Stock Cloud Judgement
If a stock has done well for you in the past, you may feel an emotional attachment to it, which can be a dangerous thing.

Investing Goals Important to Stock Investors - Investment Goals Change with Age
It is important to understand what your goal is when investing in stocks and why it will change over time.

You can Pick Stock Winners - You Know more about Investing than You Think
You know more about the companies that are or will become stock market winners than you think. They make the products and services that you use everyday at work or home.

Using Home Equity to Buy Stocks: Good Idea or Nuts?
Is it ever a good idea to refinance your house and use the cash to invest in stocks? Not so much.

Don't Get Caught in Stock Liquidity Crunch
To make money in the stock market you need a ready supply of buyers and sellers to assure you that you can buy or sell when the price is right.

Should You Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)?
REITs offer the potential for high income if you choose wisely and buy in at the correct price.

Stock Investors Feel Conflict Over Employment Numbers
Where is the sweet spot for employment numbers that works for companies and workers?

Learning When to Buy or Sell Stocks Not Easy
Jumping into the latest hot investment can be exciting, but don't let your emotions make to take dangerous risks.

Stock Investors Must Watch Interest Rates Closely
Stock investors should keep a close watch on the direction of interest rates. A change in direction can mean short-term movement up or down.

Should You Be Investing in Small-Cap Stocks?
Small-cap stocks can be outstanding investments, but are more risky than larger companies.

Stock Investors Worry About Return on Savings
Stock investors should have cash reserve for emergencies and near-term financial needs. How can they get the best return on savings?

How to Legally Manipulate Stock Prices
Institutional investors can manipulate stock prices with their large buying power.

Saving and Investing in Stocks Are Mutually Compatible
You may think you don't have the cash to both save and invest, but you probably do.

Avoiding Mistakes When Investing in Stocks
We all make mistakes, but investors in the stock market need to learn from their failures so they don't keep repeating the same error.

Stock Investors Should Use Caution with Illiquid or Exotic Assets
Investors in the stock market may be tempted to seek higher returns with exotic investments, but that is often the wrong approach.

The Difference Between a Stock's Value and Price
A stocks's value may not be the same as its price. One is a better measure for investors and the other for traders.

Don't Let Your Stocks Take a Vacation
If you are going to be away and don't want to monitor your stocks, set up this method to protect your positions.

Investors in Stock Market Look for Magic Number
Don't look for easy answers when investing in the stock market. Like most things in life, the easy way out is often the way out.

Investment Options to Reach Your Financial Goals
What investment option is best for reaching your financial goals?

Types of Stocks
There are several ways to describe stocks, but two basic methods cover most situations: potential and size.

Investing: Saving with Attitude
Investing is a necessity for most people if they want to reach significant financial goals.

Where Investing in Stocks Fits into Your Financial Goals
Savings alone are unlikely to get you to your financial goals. Investing in the stock market may be your only chance to build a nest egg.

Investment Objectives Help Stock Market Investors Focus on Goals
A winning investment plan has clear long and short term objectives and uses the appropriate tool for the goal.

Invest in Stocks that You Understand (Kind of)
How much and what type of information do you need to make a decision to buy or sell a stock.

The Importance of a Stock's Share Price
Daily changes in the price of a stock are often of little concern to the long-term investor, but there are times when the daily price does matter.

Ways to Classify Stocks
Stocks can be lumped into some broad categories based on performance and size.

How Often Should Long-Term Stock Investors Check Prices?
What is the correct frequency for checking your stocks' prices? There is no correct answer, but some guidance on what to do with the information

Does Diversification Still Work for Stock Investors?
Spreading your investments across a spectrum of stocks and other assets is still a good defensive strategy, but it will not prevent losses.

What Stock Investors Need to Know About Mutual Funds
For many investors the combination of individual stocks and mutual funds make a good strategy.

Buying Mutual Funds Is Different Than Buying Stocks
Buying and selling mutual funds is different than buying stocks. For one thing, there is usually no broker involved.

Types of Mutual Funds Defined for Investors in Stock Market
Investors in the stock market can use mutual funds to reduce risk and increase diversification.

Major Mutual Fund Types Investors in the Stock Market Should Know
Investors in the stock market have many options when considering mutual funds to augment investing in individual stocks.

Mutual Funds Can Help Balance Volatility of Stock Market
The stock market can be volatile, which many investors find frightening. Conservative mutual funds can help reduce the risk.

Mutual Fund Expenses May Determine Success in Stock Market
Investors in the stock market should include mutual funds in their investment tool box.

Finding Right Mutual Fund for Investing in Stock Market
Finding the right mutual fund means sorting through thousands of possibilities.

Need to Re-balance Is Not Always Obvious for Investors in the Stock Market
A balanced portfolio helps you stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Re-balancing Stocks to Maintain Diversification
Re-balancing is important to make sure you are not over-exposed in an industrial sector.

Dividends Important Especially When Stock Prices Are Chaotic
Dividends can improve your return on stocks and help smooth out those bumps along the way. Make sure you are familiar with important dividend dates.

Avoid These Mistakes and Avoid Losses in Stock Market
There are some common problems you can avoid and help yourself make money investing in the stock market.

Every Stock Has Two Prices: Here's Why
Stocks have two prices - one set by an analysis of the company and another set daily in the market. Investors in the stock market need to understand both.

Steps to Successful Investing in the Stock Market
There are specific steps for successful investing in the stock market. Here's where you start.

Steps to Successful Stock Investing: Buy the Company not the Stock
It is important to remember this basic step towards successful investing in the stock market: buy the company with strong financial success.

Steps to Successful Stock Investing: Look for an Economic Moat
Great companies make it difficult and costly for competitors to capture market share.

Steps to Successful Stock Investing: Protect Yourself
Prudent investors allow for the possibility that they may be wrong by building in a margin of error into their buy decisions.

Steps to Your Success Investing in Stocks: Buy for The Long Haul
Avoid the perceived excitement of stock trading and invest in great companies for the long haul.

Knowing When to Sell Key to Investing in Stocks Success - Part I
It is important to have a plan that outlines when and under what circumstance you will sell a stock.

How Will You Achieve Your Financial Goals with Stocks?
Make good investment decisions and avoid the emotional traps of the stock market.

Stock Buyers Need to Know Difference Between Brokers and Investment Advisers
Stockbrokers and investment advisors may perform some of the same functions, but they are not the same and investors in the stock market need to know the difference.

When Is Right Time to Sell a Stock?
Is there a right time to sell a stock - if so, when is it?

Manufacturing Important to Stock Market
The manufacturing sector continues to be important to the stock market and investors.

Investors in the Stock Market Should Avoid the Next Big Thing
Investing in stocks may not be sexy or exciting, but it will help you meet your financial goals. Chasing the next big thing won't.

The Stock Market Will Fall Dramatically (Some Day)
The stock market will have upturns and downturns and investors should count on both. The couragous investor buys in down markets and sells in rising markets.

Protect Your Stock Market Positions During Vacations
Vacations are a great time to get away, but don't leave your stocks unprotected.

What the Stock Market Tells You Every Day
The stock market is brutally honest and tells you the truth every day.

The Secret to Investing Success in the Stock Market
The secret to investing success is simple, but many investors ignore it.

Investing for Dividends Can Be Attractive
Dividend income can help investors meet their goals, while providing stability.

Unsteady Economy Can Shake Investor Confidence
Even when the economy is unsteady and the stock market meandering, there are still good growth stocks if you are willing to look.

How Safe Is Your Stock Brokerage Account?
The SIPC covers assets held in brokerage accounts and helps investors if the brokerage fails.

Investors in the Stock Market Have No Excuses
When investors complain about disappointing outcomes, the reason can often be tied back to a poor job of researching companies.

Young Investors in the Stock Market Face Uncertain Future
Faced with an uncertain future, young investor should begin planning for retirement now.

Working Hard to Find Winners in the Stock Market
Don't let major stock indexes convince you every stock is going up or going down. There are always winners in down markets and losers in up markets.

Don't Let Personality Type and Emotions Foul Your Investing Success
Your personality type may be interfering with your stock market success.

Fundamental Forces Move Stock Market Indexes, Stock Prices
The PE for the stock market measures the balance between buyers and sellers.

When Long-Term Investors in the Stock Market Should Watch Trends
When should long-term investors be keenly aware of short-term stock market trends?

Should You Be Trying to Pick Individual Stocks?
Long-term investors can succeed in investing in individual stocks if they are willing to do the work.

Investors in the Stock Market Are at a Disadvantage
Individual investors in the stock market can succeed, however they must know the cards are stacked against them.

How to Spot a Great Stock
Great companies can be found in all sectors of the economy. Some are well-known while others may not be.

How Do You Find Great Stocks to Invest in?
Investors interested in long-term success in the stock market should make stock screeners their best friends.

Is the Stock Market Under Priced or Overpriced and Why You Should Care
How does an investment candidate (a stock) stack up against its peers and is the sector over or under priced?

Stock Picking: Handy Tool for Long-Term Investor
A tool from MorningStar helps investors sort through a large number of stocks.

Identifying Good Growth Stocks Means Answering Two Questions
Successful growth investors must peer into the future and find those stocks today that will still be growing tomorrow and beyond.

Evaluate Stock Performance in Context - Here's How
You need to evaluate a stock's performance in context to get a true picture of its worth.

Institutional Ownership of a Stock Important to Follow
Big players in the stock market can move the price, but do not always have the same goals for ownership of a stock as individual investors. It is important to know what they are doing.

Picking Stocks Is a Process
Investing in stocks is a process that many investors fail to follow. As a result, they are surprised by the poor results.

Investors in the Stock Market Can Benefit from this Handy Tool
Time is money and any tool that will help you save time in doing stock research is worth investigating. The Quickrank tool is just such an aid.

Many investors consider company size one of the most critical considerations...
Many investors consider company size one of the most critical considerations when analyzing a stock.

Investing in the Stock Market: The New Normal?
The stock market moves in mysterious ways. Here is the best strategy for investing in stocks.

Picking Stocks Includes Evaluating Management
The management team is entrusted with moving the company (and stock) forward, but do you trust them to have the best interests of investors first.

Buying Stocks with a Safety Net
There is a way you can give yourself a better chance of long-term investing success. It's called margin of error.

Investing in the Stock Market and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows
Every election businesses concern themselves with the outcome only to face a different scenario two years (or four years) later. Look for companies that build for the future, not ones that worry about the present political mess.

Buying Stocks When the Market is Selling Can Be Profitable
If you are confident in your assessment, a stock falling in price may be a real bargain.

Investors in the Stock Market Can Watch Insider Trading
Many investors dream of that tip that will let them make a killing. Unfortunately, that tip could land you in jail if it is considered insider trading. There is a different type of insider trading you can use and it's perfectly legal.

When Is a Stock too Good and Still True?
Good long-term investors are often naturally suspicious of well-publicized companies, however that should not stand in the way of a good investment decision.

Managing Two Types of Risk in the Stock Market
Would you risk a dollar to earn a penny? Probably not, but investors in the stock market can expose themselves to that much risk without evening knowing it.

Stocks with Strong Free Cash Flow Worth a Look
Companies with strong free cash flow are likely good candidates for further investigation, while those without, not so much.

Stock Market and Economy Share Interesting Relationship
While they may share many common issues, the stock market and the economy are not the same, which poses a problem for long-term investors.

How Long-Term Stock Investors Use Moving Averages
Heavily traded stocks create charts that look like mountains and valleys. Moving averages smooth out the peaks and valleys to give you a better view of the actual trend.

Pick Stocks with Tools to Face Changing Future
We don't know what the future will demand of companies to produce profits, but we can make some assumptions and identify stocks with strong potential.

Look for Companies with Deep Senior Management Talent
When a key executive leaves or is removed, how important is that to long-term stock investors?

Manufacturing Important, But Declining, Part of Economy
Manufacturing jobs are declining and there is not much that can be done. However, it is still an important part of the economy and investors in the stock market should watch these indicators.

Buy Stock of Tech Companies that Solve Problems, Meet Needs
Tech stocks are often all about glitter and can dazzle investors who don't do their homework. Find companies that are solving problems and you may have a winner.

Avoid Risky (Illegal) Trading Tools to Build Returns
Returns are low, but don't let that tempt you to take undue risks.

High-Flying Stocks Doomed to Fall?
What if fortune smiles on you and a stock you own shoots through the roof?

High-Flying Stocks Doomed to Fall?
What if fortune smiles on you and a stock you own shoots through the roof?

Buying Stock Not Like Buying Television
Do you have a plan when you buy a stock? If not, you may be making a big mistake.

How to Calculate Real Rate of Return on Stock Investments
A simple rate of return may look like you made a nice gain in your stock investments, but that may not be correct.

Investors in Stock Market Should Use Caution on "Freaky Friday"
Four times each year, key derivatives expire on the same Friday, which can introduce volatility to the stock market.

Stock Market and Economy – Close, but Not the Same
Does a hot stock market mean good times are ahead? Maybe and maybe not.

Stock Market Moves Hard to Call, So Stick to Your Plan
The stock market goes up (sometimes too far) and the stock market goes down (sometime too far), but smart investors stick with their plan.

Investing Your Strategy Defines How You Pick Stocks
Your investment strategy provides a framework for making buy or sell decisions.

Stock Share Prices Set by Tension Between Supply and Demand
Supply and demand set prices on the stock market. Supply (sellers) and demand (buyers) is influenced by many factors.

Investing in Stock Market Is a Process not a Gamble
Long-term investors understand it is a process that seeks to maximize return while reducing risk.

Investors in Stock Market Should Avoid Shortcuts
There are plenty of people who will tip you off to a great stock, however use caution. Most "great stocks" offered up in this manner are great duds.

Stock Market Investors Can Protect Against Disaster
Sometimes bad things happen to good (and not so good) stocks. A stop-loss order is cheap insurance against disaster.

Investors in Stock Market Must Get Asset Allocation Right
Getting the asset allocation right is the most important decision an investor in the stock market can make.

Earnings Report Can Affect Stock Prices
Following every quarter, companies must report their financials to investors and the public. Earnings are the single most important number reported.

Long-Term Stock Investors Should Leave Market Timing to Gamblers
Market timing is more of a gamble than an investment strategy.

Stock Investors Use Margin to Boost Returns
Using margin to increase you returns is a strategy best left to more experienced investors.

Long-Term Investing in Stocks Begins with Goal
A long-term approach to investing has goals and a strategy.

Five Reasons Women Should Invest in Stocks
There is nothing about investing in stocks that is unique to one gender. Women can succeed as well as men.

Investment Objectives Guide Product Selection
Four key investment objectives drive most of the discussion among investors.

Dollar Cost Averaging Is a Powerful Tool
Dollar cost averaging is a simple system that avoids the emotion which sometimes clouds investment decisions.

Selling Stock Requires As Much Thought as Buying
You should give as much thought to selling as you do to buying a stock.

Growth or Value Investing - Which Is Right for You?
There are many ways to invest in the stock market. Growth and value investing are the most popular strategies.

Good Companies Can Have Bad Stocks
You should always buy the company, not the stock, however even good companies can have a bad stock.

Selling Stock Requires a Sound Strategy
Having a sound strategy for selling is as important as one for buying stock.

Prepare Your Stock Holdings for Next Boom or Bust
Individual investors have no control over the stock market, however they can control how prepared their portfolio is.

Is it Better to Own Individual Stocks or Mutual Funds?
Is it better to own individual stocks or mutual funds?

Stock Market Investors Eye Interest Rates
Interest rates drive the economy and therefore the stock market.

Paper Trading Stocks: Why You Should Avoid It
Paper trading is often thought of as a way to get good at investing without having any risk. But that may actually cost you more money in the end.

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