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Finding a Broker

How do you decide which type of broker is right for you? Use these resources to help you find the brokerage arrangement that best fits your needs.

Is a Fee-Based Broker Right for You?
Traditional stockbrokers are divided into two types: commissioned-based and fee-based. Fee-based brokers offer a wide variety of services in addition to handling your trades.

What Do You Love or Hate About Your Stock Broker
What do you love or hate about your stock broker?

What Makes a Good Stock Broker?
What makes a good stock broker? Readers provide insight.

How Much Help do You Need from Your Broker?
How much help do you want or need with your investment decisions? Pick a broker who can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and experience.

Opening an Account
What types a accounts are available? How do you open an account?

Financial Adviser - What do Financial Advisers do
Financial advisers can map a blue print that will get you from where you are to your financial goals.

Financial Adviser - What Type of Financial Adviser do you Need?
Financial advisers come in a variety of flavors. Finding the one right for you involves knowing how each is compensated and what they do.

Choosing a Broker
What type of stockbroker is right for you? Online, discount, full service or money manager - each has advantages and disadvantages. Remember, you pay for what you get.

Why I Love/Hate My Online Stock Broker
What do you love or hate about your stock broker? Tells us how you really feel and what could the broker do to change your mind.

What is a Prop Shop?
There are pros and cons about using a prop shop and it is important to know what distinguishes it from a traditional broker dealer.

The 5 Best Online Brokers of 2014
Millions of marketing dollars are thrown towards winning your investing business, but here at the top 5 online brokers of 2014.

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