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Bonds Information Center

Basic Information on Bonds and How to Use Them


Bonds should be a part of every investor's portfolio. Bonds provide a balance to the volatility of stocks. However they are sometimes confusing and difficult to understand.

This collection of articles will get you started on the right road to success with bonds.

Bond Basics

Every stock investor should know about bonds. Bonds are the other side of the investing coin that may help keep your portfolio afloat in troubled times.

Understanding Bond Types

Bonds are IOUs issued by both public and private entities to cover a variety of expenses. For investors, bonds provide a cushion of stability against the unpredictability of stocks and should be a part of almost every portfolio.

How Bonds and Interest Rates Are Related

What happens to bonds when interest rates rise? Bond values and interest rates move in opposite directions.

Bonds and Taxes

Bonds provide an important component of many financial plans, however there is the sticky matter of taxes you must address.

A Bond Ladder to Success

Bonds offer stock investors a measure of stability to their portfolios. However, if you're not careful, rising and falling interest rates can sabotage your strategy.

Shifting from Stocks to Bonds May Be Risky

When the stock market is too risky (as it was in 2008-09), investors often flee to safer shores. In many cases, U.S. Treasury Bonds are those safer shores. And why not, the U.S. government guarantees it will redeem the bonds at their face value if held to maturity.

Finding the Right Stocks/Bonds Ratio

Investors use bonds to add stability to their stock portfolio. Bonds offset the inherent volatility of stocks with their predictable returns and relative security.

Understanding Zero Coupon Bonds

Does paying tax on interest you haven't received sound like a good idea? That's what you do with zero coupon bonds and it can make good sense in the right circumstances. (Two-part article)

Convertible Bonds - A Good Investment?

Some financial products straddle the fence between two worlds. Convertible bonds are such products, offering benefits for the investor from the world of bonds and the world of stocks.

I Bonds: Inflation Protection & Safety

With news of inflation in the wind, investors needing a savings vehicle may want to consider the U.S. Treasury I Bond.

Junk Bonds Attractive for High Returns

You would think that after the financial crash of 2008-09 and the lingering sour economy, that the last thing to catch the eye of investors would be high-risk securities.

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