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Investing Basics


Investing Basics is where you will find the answers to those questions about stocks and the stock market for investors beginning to explore individual stocks as an investment.
  1. What is Investing?
  2. Introduction to Stocks
  3. Risk vs Reward
  4. Stock Characteristics
  5. Understanding Bonds

What is Investing?

What is investing and how does it differ from saving? Readers will find information to help them reframe their thinking about investing.

Introduction to Stocks

Common stock represents a share of ownership in a company and carries certain rights with it. Here's what you need to know about the basics of stock and stock ownership.

Risk vs Reward

Investing is about balancing risk and reward. The amount of risk you assume should be proportionate to the anticipated reward. If you assume to much risk for too little reward, you are in a bad investment. Managing risk is an important fundamental for investing.

Stock Characteristics

Stocks have characteristics that make them unique investments. Dividends, buybacks, and other terms are important terms for investors to know, because they often mean a change in your investment's value.

Understanding Bonds

Bonds have their own language and means of evaluation. These articles cover the basics through more advanced topics such as bond pricing and valuation.

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