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How to Evalutate Stocks for Debt - About.com
When the economy is in trouble, you may want to pay more attention to debt when evaluating a stock for investment. Companies that a carry heavy debt load  ...
Why Market Cap Is More Important Than Per-Share Price - Stocks
Why is a stock that cost $50 less than another stock priced at $10? This question ... This is how you should look at these two companies for evaluation purposes.
Equity Based Evaluation - Stocks - About.com
Equity Based Evaluation relates the company's equity to the stock price. This method uses price-to-book ratios and return on equity to find this relationship.
Evaluating Stocks for Investment - How to Use Analysis Techniques ...
Learn how to use fundamental or technical analysis or a combination of both to evaluate a stock. You can also learn to do a business analysis of the company's ...
Earnings - Important Indicator of Company Health - Stocks - About.com
Earnings are the single most important factor in stock evaluation for many investors. Although there are other factors to consider, earnings must be near or at the ...
How Do You Evaluate a Stock to Buy? - Stocks - About.com
The method you use to select a stock for investment can be by the numbers or more subjective.
Price Earnings Ratio - How P/E is Calculated - Stocks - About.com
The Price to Earnings Ratio is one of the most important numbers analysts look at to understand how the market values a stock.
Cash Ratio Important Measure of Stock's Liquidity - Stocks - About.com
For stock investors, a company's liquidity is an important consideration in ... Watch Debt when Evaluating Stocks - Debt should Figure in your Evaluation of .
Using Cash Flow Analysis to Value Stocks - About.com
Cash is vital to a company's health and its ability to generate cash can be used to see if the market under or over-values the stock. For many, these metrics are ...
Using the Price-To-Earnings Ratio to Value a Stock
Value investors have long considered the price earnings ratio (p/e ratio for short) a useful metric for evaluating the relative attractiveness of a company's stock ...
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