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Stock Basics and Types of Stocks - How stocks fit in the economy ...
Understanding Stocks discusses the role of stocks in the economy and how stocks fit into your personal financial plan.
Understanding Different Stock Share Terms and Types - About.com
It is important for investors to understand the different terms used to describe shares of stock such as authorized, restricted, treasury, float and outstanding.
Types of Mutual Funds Defined for Investors in Stock Market - Stocks
Investors in the stock market can use mutual funds to reduce risk and increase diversification.
Share Class Types - Mutual Funds
What are the different types of mutual fund share classes and what are their basic advantages or disadvantages? Which shares are best?
Mutual Fund Share Classes - Which is Best? - About.com
Which mutual fund share class is best for you? Which is worst? When choosing which fund class is most suitable, investors should take several factors into ...
What Is the Meaning of a Mutual Fund Share Class?
One of the questions investors frequently send me is, "What is a mutual fund institutional class share?" or "What is a mutual fund retail class share?". Most of the ...
Mutual Fund Class A Shares - Definition - Mutual Funds - About.com
Class A shares generally have front-end sales charges (also known as a ‚€ œload‚€ ). The load is paid to the advisor for buying the mutual fund on behalf of  ...
What Are Mutual Fund Class R Shares? - Mutual Funds - About.com
Should you invest in R Share mutual funds? Before investing, be sure to understand how the different share classes charge fees and expenses.
Different Types of Orders When Buying or Selling Stock
A market order, limit order, and stop order are three of the types of trades you can place with your stock broker. Each works a little bit differently and it is important ...
Share Classes for New Corporation in Canada
This article explains three share classes that may be used when setting up a new corporation in Canada (Common Voting Shares, Common Non-Voting Shares ...
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