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Using Stock Sectors to Categorize Stocks - About.com
Investors break the market down into sectors by company business. These sectors make is possible to compare how a stock is doing relative to its peers.
Identifying Industrial Sectors with Prospects for Growth - Finding ...
Stock sectors provide a helpful context to begin your search for investment candidates.
Stock Sectors Can Help with Valuations - About.com
Nov 8, 2012 ... Stock sectors group companies by industry or business. This helps you evaluate individual stocks by comparing them to their peers.
Sectors of the Economy (Five Categories) - Geography - About.com
An overview of the primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and even quinary sectors of the economy, from your About.com Guide to Geography. These sectors  ...
What Is the Difference Between Sector and Industry?
Wall Street likes to organize companies into different sectors and industries but many investors don't know the difference between a sector and an industry.
Sector Definition (Disk Sector) - PC Support - About.com
A sector is a division, usually 512 or 2048 bytes large, of a storage device like a hard drive or flash drive.
Sector Funds - What Are Sector Mutual Funds?
Sector Funds focus on a specific industry, social objective or sector such as health care, real estate or technology.
What Are Defensive Sectors? Definition, Strategy and Examples
Definition: Sector funds focus on a specific industry, social objective or industrial sector such as health care, real estate or technology. Their investment objective ...
Best Sectors for 2014 - Mutual Funds - About.com
What are the best sectors for 2014? Find out what areas of the market can perform well and help build a diversified portfolio in 2014.
How to Time the Market With Sectors - Mutual Funds - About.com
There are several different industrial sectors, such as health care, financials and technology, and each sector tends to do well during various phases of ...
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