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Understanding Different Stock Share Terms and Types - About.com
It is important for investors to understand the different terms used to describe shares of stock such as authorized, restricted, treasury, float and outstanding.
Why Market Cap Is More Important Than Per-Share Price - Stocks
The reason we aren't concerned with per-share price is that it is always changing and, since each company has a different number of outstanding shares, ...
Earnings Per Share - How to Calculate EPS - Stocks - About.com
For example, companies A and B both earn $100, but company A has 10 shares outstanding, while company B has 50 shares outstanding. Which company's ...
Outstanding Shares of a Corporation Defined
The outstanding shares of a corporation are the shares of stock in the corporation that are currently owned by investors and which are available for trade. Shares ...
Stock Buy Backs - The Golden Egg of Shareholder Value
Companies declare stock buy back programs to reduce the number of shares outstanding, effectively increasing the earnings per share. Investors should look for ...
Voting Stock - What is Voting Stock - US Business Law / Taxes
Voting stock or voting shares is common stock of a corporation, the owner of which is ... Outstanding Shares - What are Outstanding Shares - Outstanding Shares ...
Basic vs. Diluted Earnings Per Share - Investing for Beginners
Basic earnings per share (Basic EPS) is the profit a company made divided by the shares outstanding. Diluted earnings per share (diluted EPS) factor in ...
Beginner Investing: tracking outstanding shares, cash flow ...
Jan 28, 2006 ... cash flow statements, answer mark, followup question: Mark, Thank you for the follow up! Yes, you are correct, if new shares are released the ...
4 Things to Look for in an Investment - Investing for Beginners
In short, the market cap is the price of all outstanding shares of common stock multiplied by the quoted price per share at any given moment in time. A business  ...
How to Think About Share Price for Investing - Investing for Beginners
The soft drink giant had approximately 2.5 billion shares outstanding. This means that each of those shares represents ownership of 1/2,500,000,000 of the ...
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