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Cash Ratio Good Measure of Liquidity - Stocks - About.com
If so you are considered highly liquid, meaning enough of your assets are either cash or easily converted to cash. For stock investors, a company's liquidity is an ...
Don't Get Caught in Stock Liquidity Crunch - Stocks - About.com
Liquidity, in the stock market, refers to how many buyers or sellers are interested in a particular stock. For example, you can count on finding a buyer or seller for ...
Liquidity Definition - US Economy - About.com
Jan 6, 2014 ... Liquidity has two definitions. In the economy, liquidity means how much money there is to spend and invest. In business, liquidity is defined as ...
A Dictionary Definition of Liquidity Trap - Economics - About.com
Definition: The Liquidity trap is a Keynesian idea. When expected returns from investments in securities or real plant and equipment are low, investment falls, ...
Liquidity - Dictionary Definition of Liquidity - Economics - About.com
Definition: Liquidity refers to how quickly and cheaply an asset can be converted into cash. Money (in the form of cash) is the most liquid asset. Assets that ...
Liquidity - Liquid Assets - Liquidity Definition
Liquidity has to do with cash. The more cash a business has on its balance sheet, the more liquid the business. Liquidity is also defined as is the ability of a ...
Liquidity - Definition and Overview of Liquidity - Saving for College
Definition and overview of the "liquidity" as it applies to investments.
Importance of Liquidity and Liquid Assets - Investing for Beginners
... and liquid assets on hand. This article discusses the importance of liquidity and provides guidelines for the amount of liquid assets you should keep nearby.
Liquidity Risk 101 - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Liquidity risk is a type of investment risk that can hurt your portfolio and your net worth if you aren't careful. It is extremely important that you work to limit your ...
Liquidity Ratios - What is Liquidity? - Business Finance - About.com
Answer: Liquidity is the ability of the firm to convert assets into cash. It is also called marketability or short-term solvency. The liquidity of a business firm is usually ...
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