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Earnings Per Share - How to Calculate EPS - Stocks - About.com
Trailing EPS – last year's numbers and the only actual EPS; Current EPS – this year's numbers, which are still projections; Forward EPS – future numbers, which  ...
Earnings Per Share an Important Ratio -- Several Varieties of EPS ...
The forward EPS projects the ratio out for some quarters. It is important to know how far out the projection looks. The farther out projections go, the less accurate  ...
Fundamental Analysis: Understand Earnings Per Share - Stocks
Earnings Per Share or EPS is one of the foundations of fundamental analysis and ... Forward EPS - Estimated EPS numbers for the following year(s) based upon ...
Earnings - Important Indicator of Company Health - Stocks - About.com
For the previous year called “trailing earnings per share”; For the current year; For coming year called the “forward earnings per share”. Only the trailing EPS is  ...
P/E Ratio Important Stock Valuation Tool - Stocks - About.com
Another looks forward four quarters and uses estimates of what earnings per share will be in the future. This number also called forward EPS and it is an attempt ...
Interpreting the Price/Earnings Ratio - Economics - About.com
The P/E takes this share price and divides it by earnings per share (which is the company's entire net profit, or earnings, divided by the number of shares in ...
Price to Book Ratio - How to calculate P/B - Stocks - About.com
Value investors look for some other indicators besides earnings growth and so on. ... You calculate the P/B by taking the current price per share and dividing by  ...
The Peg Ratio Is a Key Metric of Fundamental Analysis. - Stocks
Though not as popular as EPS or P/E the Price/Earnings to Growth or PEG ratio can give you a fuller view of a stock's earnings trend going forward.
Are Stock Splits Good for Investors? - About.com
Splitting the stock brings the per share price down to a reasonable level. Liquidity – If a stock's price rises into the hundreds of dollars per share, it may reduce the trading volume. .... Fall 2014's Best Credit Cards for Earning Cashback.
Earnings-Based Evaluations Popular with Stock Market Investors
Nov 4, 2011 ... To calculate the P/E, you need another figure: earnings per share (EPS). ... The PEG is computed by taking the most forward earnings estimates ...
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