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Special Education Assessment, Evaluation & Final Marks
Assessment and Evaluation and report card grades.
Sample Evaluation Section for Your Grant Proposal
This is a short sample of an evaluation section from a grant proposal.
Bloom's Taxonomy - Evaluation Category - Secondary Education
Here is information about the evaluation category of Bloom's Taxonomy.
A Sample List of Teacher Evaluation Questions
It is helpful before conducting a teacher evaluation for the teacher to answer evaluation questions to give the evaluator some prior knowledge.
What Is A Psycho-educational Evaluation?
What a psycho-educational evaluation measures and how the process of conducting an evaluation can help a struggling student.
Why You Should Use an Employee Self Evaluation
Need an approach and a format for an employee self-evaluation prior to a performance appraisal? Here's why to use them and a recommended approach.
Employee Evaluation: Definition - Human Resources - About.com
Here's a simple definition of employee evaluation, also known as performance appraisal or assessment, with links to more information.
Formative Evaluation - Definition for Teaching - About.com
Definition of Formative Evaluation as a teacher evaluation term.
Why Organizations Do Employee Performance Evaluation
Are you a fan or foe of employee performance evaluation? Organizations have good reasons for doing them. But, the details about how the evaluation is done ...
Evaluation Essay - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
An evaluation essay or report (also called an evaluative paper) is a type of argument that includes evidence to justify a writer's opinions about a subject.
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